Acceleration, Not Enablement

When developing Cyber Velocity’s mission, I knew I wanted to positively affect sales during a cyber security company’s early to mid-stage growth.  I assumed this meant I was going into the sales enablement business.  Right? Well, no.

When implemented right, sales enablement can improve sales effectiveness. When implemented wrong, it’s just lipstick on a marketing support pig.   Either way, this is too indirect an approach for young cyber security companies.  They do not need enablement, they need acceleration.  This is Cyber Velocity’s mission.




Why Cyber?

Selling cyber security is extremely challenging, highly rewarding, and it is a rapidly expanding market.

Cyber security is one of the toughest products or services to sell.  Even though everyone desperately needs help, there are some significant barriers to sales: there is no clear ROI, making the business justification difficult; it’s a technical sale requiring specialized sales and systems engineering staff; and, it’s ultimately a trust-based sale that takes time, relationship building and careful, consistent execution.

Why Velocity?

Often, people consider velocity and speed synonyms.  They aren’t!  Velocity is distance over time in a specific direction where as speed is distance over time in any direction.   Many organizations lose sight of this distinction and speed often becomes a sales performance excuse: “we can’t go any faster!”  Going 100 MPH in circles is not a winning sales strategy.   We focus on acceleration in the right direction.

Why Not Sales Enablement?

Acceleration is measurable, enablement is not.  Acceleration is light, enablement is heavy and process-bound.  Acceleration is direct, enablement is indirect at best and disablement at worst.

I initially thought Cyber Velocity would be a sales enablement company. It’s not!  It’s a sales velocity and acceleration company.  For more on this, please check out the Blog page.