Venture Intellectual CapitalistTM

Cyber Velocity Venture Intellectual Capitalist (VIC)

Cyber Velocity Venture Intellectual Capitalist (VIC)

Cyber Velocity Venture Intellectual Capitalist (VIC) services provide tremendous value to client companies:

  • Engage with some of cybersecurity top practitioners, engineers, business, marketing, sales and corporate Venture Intellectual CapitalistTMexecutives
  • Compensate with equity rather than pay to keep cash going into building the products and the company
  • Extending equity to Cyber Velocity means we have skin in the game and a vested interest in your success

This used to be called “sweat equity.”  We make intellectual capital investments in young cybersecurity companies.  We are building a portfolio of companies where we’ve invested our intellectual capital.  Our goal is accelerating company success in return for equity.

There are approximately 76 million people in the Baby-Boomer generation.  We are four years into a 21 year-long retirement cycle with boomers transitioning from full-time jobs to something other than full-time employment.  Many are interested in continuing to make a difference and capitalize on their experience, expertise and knowledge.   This is a perfect opportunity to work with young startup cybersecurity companies, make a difference and share in the rewards of the company’s success.

The Cyber Velocity Venture Intellectual Capitalist (VIC) Fund

  • The fund is made-up of equity from all Cyber Velocity VIC engagements
  • Whenever there is a liquidity event with a client company, the proceeds are distributed to team members based on their shares in the fund
  • The mechanics of ownership and distribution are under development

The Cyber Velocity Venture Intellectual Capitalist (VIC) process is straightforward:

  • Agreements are put in place between Cyber Velocity and the VIC team member.   The agreement outlines the structure of client engagements and compequity as well as the unique capabilities and types of work the team member will engage in.
  • Cyber Velocity works with the VIC client to establish a compequity rate structure to trade equity for venture intellectual capital.
  • All equity is held by Cyber Velocity in the Cyber Velocity Venture Intellectual Capitalist (VIC) fund.
  • Team members are compensated for their work with shares in the fund, according to their agreement


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